The Mirror Show” is the second EP of the band and the first one of the new formation.

The CD produced by Welcome Coffee in collaboration with Marco Parlante, contains 5  tracks. This EP is another small insight into the band’s varied musical world, which as usual passes easily between various musical genres, making it now a band’s trademark.

TheEP opens with the funky-rock atmospheres with titletrack “The Mirror Show”. A separate chapter is  “Doppelgänger” song with heavier and dark tones written to celebrate the American TV series “Twin Peaks” created by David Lynch that returns on the screen after 25 years.

There is also room relaxing and intimate atmosphere thanks to the ballad “Come Potevo” where the harmonica and acoustic guitars will bring you in a folk-country context. As with the previous EP, “Box # 2 “, this work also contains an electronic-experimental track called this time 116, it also written in collaboration with friends of the band (in this case Talking Vibes & Gjo).

A bonus track it is a revised version of “Notte Araba”, a song already on UnEvEn.

Recorded and produced at Talking Studio of Trieste, the cover instead was edited by Ishar Reja.

Track list

1- The Mirror Show – 4:02
Music and Lyrics by WC

2- Doppelgänger – 4:40
Music by WC and Michele Manfredi | Lyrics by WC

3- Come Potevo – 4:24
Music by WC and Alessandro Pollicardi | Lyrics by Alessandro Pollicardi

4- 116 – 1:58
Music by WC and Talking Vibes

5- Notte Araba – 3:58
Music by WC and Alessandro Pollicardi | Lyrics by Alessandro Pollicardi