“Box #2” EP is the first official work produced by the band.┬át follows a standard “5 tracks” debut album structure.

“Box #2” contains 5 tracks: two songs are performed in Italian, two in English, and one is an instrumental piece. The collection is a mash-up of styles, ranging from the explosive one (My seventh time) to the sad funky-ballad (6 Febbraio), not to mention the avant-garde rock style (I do) and the eclectic vibes (Stringimi la mano).

A special mention goes to the instrumental bonus-track titled “115“, that’s the outcome of a special guest performance played with many friends of the band, who brought all their talent into play. Track was recorded on a very special single day when they all gathered for celebrating the end of the recordings.

The texts too, that can be fully read on the site, are miscellaneous: everyday life stories, introspection, nonsense are ever alternating, in the attempt not to bore the most demanding audience.

The EP, mastered by Maurice Andiloro at the Artists Alternative Studio in Trieste, Italy, counts a lot of star guest performances: the one of Davide Angiolini, drummer, artistic director at Banda Berimbau and Repinique solo player on “My Seventh Time”, is only an example. You can play a single track or the complete album for free below or on Spotify.

You can buy a digital copy of Ep (or a single track) using: Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon o Deezer.