It doesn’t matter anymore
now I understand how it goes on….
there’s something wrong in all of this
and now it makes me sick

Sick ! sick ! makes me sick 

I try to rise but it always knocks me down
it’s so hard when it goes through your heart
scourgin’ me what reason can it have ?!?
and now I write in pain 

Sick ! sick ! makes me sick

Soldier, I’m like a soldier
who fights for nothing…….(for nothing) and dies
I want to fight no more
I pray all nights my god
to take my life away…….but he’s deaf

and blind ‘cause he doesn’t see
my efforts to raising me
to find another way
without death

so you have, to ask yourself
if life is better, than death
So You Want, to be a man
then take care… of yourself

Testi: S. Ferrara & P. Gentile, Musica: S. Ferrara & L. Ferrara (1996)