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Uneven”: here’s the title of the first studio album released by Welcome Coffee, the band from Trieste founded by Alessandro Pollicardi (vocal & guitar) and Stefano Ferrara (bass) back in 2011.

The self produced CD contains 11 tracks, where multiple vibes are explored: rock, pop, prog and funky lavishly blend with one another to deliver the smoothest and most far-seeing mix ever.

Listening to “Uneven” is a fluid experience, as the whole work turns out to be both catchy and technically polished and can satisfy every musical taste.

The songs lyrics are about miscellaneous subjects: contemporary anguish, introspection, love and violence, that give nonetheless way to a lighter, more ironic wackiness. Two out of the eleven tracks are in Italian.

The CD songs embody Welcome Coffee’s multifaceted sound universe: from avant-garde rock (“Maneki Neko”, "M.U.L.", “Sleepwalker”), to Mideastern acoustics (“Notte Araba”), not to mention prog rock (“Where was God?”), extravaganza (“Slapstick”) and electro-pop rhythms (“Ignorance” and “Sunglasses”).

Additionally, two tracks - “My 7th time” and “I do” – released in the previous EP “Box #2” have been masterly rearranged, consequently to the joining of the new band components: Andrea Parlante (moog & keyboads) and Michele Manfredi (drums & percussions).

Beyond the musical angle, the album discloses also an eye-catching layout designed by Nataša Mandic.

The production is enriched by the remarkable contribution of performers that belong to Trieste music stage, such as the vocalist Leonardo Zannier (“Notte Araba”) and The Leading Guy (“Sunglasses”).

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